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Friends, we first conceived UDOO NEO as a device for robotics, drones and moving things, so it’s natural to think about a porting of ROS for UDOO NEO, as Jack Silberman did. At the same time, ROS would be a great tool for QUAD and DUAL too. But there’s a wonderful news guys: ROS is […]

Arduino (M4) External Programming: It’s Time!

Our beloved friends, the time has come: you can finally program the Arduino platform on UDOO NEO from an external PC!Isn’t it wonderful? Many UDOOers in our Community have complained about the lack of this crucial capability, combined with the resulting bother of slow internal compilation. Good news: that time is over! So, just as […]

The UDOO’s Odyssey in the Maker Universe – and this is just October

Turns out October is the month of innovation! On October 15 the World’s First India (Mini) Maker Faire (that we proudly sponsored) skyrocketed, and just the next day Maker Faire Rome officially started. A Woodstock for Makers We had the opportunity to talk with Alessandro Francescon, inventor of Geduino, autonomous open-source UDOO-based social robot. For […]

UDOO & Maker Faire Rome: 2 Talks, 1 Workshop for Kids and 1 UDOO Board to be won

Dear folks, today is Monday and Maker Faire Rome is going to happen on Friday! Can you deal with it? On our part we are hyper-excited and we’ll relieve this robot-addiction by preparing an immersive videogame for you and a surprise from a galaxy far, far away(!). But since we are not telling you what […]

What about FPGA for Makers?

Dear folks, as you can imagine, we try to always stay updated for what concerns improvements and new ideas – this field is worse than the Beautiful soap opera, if you lose an episode you’re screwed 🙂 One thing we are considering is FPGA. Why FPGA? And what the hell is it? FPGA is the […]

Behind the curtains of the creation of UDOO Neo #SECO #PSM

Dear folks, since our first projects as Makers we wondered what lies behind the curtains of all these amazing boards. How is this hardware jewellry produced? What kind of sci-fi machines print single board computers? And how does it all actually work? If you are blinking your first LEDs this is a mistery for you. […]