Behind the curtains of the creation of UDOO Neo #SECO #PSM

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Dear folks,
since our first projects as Makers we wondered what lies behind the curtains of all these amazing boards. How is this hardware jewellry produced? What kind of sci-fi machines print single board computers? And how does it all actually work? If you are blinking your first LEDs this is a mistery for you.

That’s why we did this journey. What’s the purpose of the Maker culture after all, if not unveiling misteries and making them common knowledge? Thus some days ago we visited the production lines of SECO/PSM, the manufacturing unit of SECO, and here it is!

A cutting-edge SMT production line, an automatic optical inspection (AOI), pick and place machines and, as a cherry on top, reflow ovens: this is the furnace of Hephaestus, able to print 100,000 components per hour, 530 million components per year. And moreover, it’s in Italy, because of the determination of SECO not to relocate and instead to base its entire production line in Italy.

Here is where the impossible becomes true and incredible things happen, such as UDOO Neo.

P.S. we’re very close to ship the first batch of UDOO Neo. Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube!

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