UDOO BOLT GEAR is coming out soon, and you can get a $60 discount before launch.

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That’s right folks! We dropped the bomb! We must be out of our minds, because we’re about to release the ultimate UDOO Product at an insane $60 discount. The kit goes by the name of UDOO BOLT GEAR, and, believe us, it’s THE bomb. 


*Cough* check the website for a cool presentation *cough cough*. What? We didn’t say anything. UDOO BOLT GEAR is your new portable workstation / Deep Learning brain/ lightweight gaming machine / do-it-all Mini PC toolkit / home-theater /

It is a hand-size Arduino-compatible Mini PC based on an AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 Processor – a 4-cores, 8-threads CPU. On top of that, it features AMD Radeon™ “Vega” 8 Graphics. Thanks to its 2 full-featured USB-C and 2 HDMI 2.0, it can handle four 4K monitors simultaneously. All this power consumes very little, as the CPU’s thermal design power is just 25W

With UDOO BOLT GEAR you can do it all: watch a 4K 60fps video on 4 screens at once, run deep neural networks, play the latest AAA games, build robots, explore lifelike VR and AR worlds. It handles anything you throw at it.

Inside the box

The box features UDOO BOLT GEAR and the dedicated metal case. In addition, it includes Wi-Fi and BT modules, a power supply, and both US and EU cables. The content of the box, barring UDOO BOLT GEAR, is unassembled, so that the user can build their own solution. Finally, the box comes with a detailed instruction manual. 

Online resources

As you expect, there is going to be a ton of online resources for UDOO BOLT GEAR, that is:

How much is UDOO BOLT GEAR and how to get it at a $60 discount?

UDOO BOLT GEAR’s future retail price is going to be $449, but those who enter their email address on the UDOO BOLT GEAR web page before launch will receive a $60 discount code once the UDOO BOLT GEAR is available for sale. 

We’re here thanks to each and everyone of you, and we never give your amazing support for granted. But hurry up, as the $60 discount is only for those who seize the day!

And that’s it for today folks.

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The UDOO Team

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