UDOO Covid-19 update

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To our UDOOers, we felt the need for an official UDOO Covid Update.

The events of the last few weeks have been unprecedented. Our generation has never seen a global plague or conflict. Up until now. Covid-19 is now a pandemic affecting Italy and the whole globe. The world at large is working to limit the spread of the virus and heal the sick. We’d like to take a moment to address all of you on what we’re doing as UDOO to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Since March, the whole UDOO team has been smart working, safe in their homes, even before local authorities turned warnings to caution into laws. 

But the UDOO team extends over our office, and there are still people at the factory, working to make sure that all of you received your boards. We’ve been continually assessing the risk of exposure, guided by the recommendations from local health authorities. Our company has been working closely with health authorities to provide all the help we can give. That’s why, as of today, until the 14th of April, all shipments of UDOO products will be suspended.

Customer service and other services will still be operating, but as of now, we’re unable to send more UDOO your way. We sincerely apologize to anyone planning on buying a UDOO during this time, but the work we’re doing now it’s crucial for everybody.

Be safe, everyone. Take care of yourself and everyone you hold dear. Take care of your community by wearing a mask, washing your hands and respecting the safety distance. We truly hope that everyone reading this message is good and safe. Remember to stay home. Remember to take care of yourself.

So, this is all for our UDOO Covid update. Thank you.

The UDOO Team

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