UDOO BOLT DIY Case by The Last Samnite

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Ciao UDOOers,
we’re ready to show you yet another UDOO BOLT DIY Case, a beautifully, custom-made sculpture. This case is for the UDOO BOLT, an cyberpunk/industrial full metal case done with scrap parts. It turned out to be absolutely out of this world.


A how-to video

Clearly, not just any UDOO BOLT DIY Case

Who made this?

The case is a fantastic creation of The Last Samnite, aka Stefano Viola, a passionate maker, and UDOO employee.

We talked to Stefano about his creation. “I had planned it for a few months, but never actually managed to find the time to do it. When I finally got down to it, I enjoyed every second of the process.”

What are you planning to do with it?
“Well, I’ll use it in my lab. I can always use a brain there to plan and create my new projects. Plus, if I need it for something else, I can take the UDOO BOLT out and use it for a new project.”

Can you say something about the design of the project?
I plan to use it in my lab, and I always have some particles, sparks or such flying around. The chimney shaped bit in the back is the filter of a motorbike, and it’s designed so that when fresh air gets sucked into the case, it’s filtered. Also, I’m an 80’s fan and couldn’t help but pay homage to Supercar. The front screen is inspired by Supercar! It displays a turn on countdown similar to the series’s speedometer and, later, it shows the name of the BOLT and its status. There are two toggle switches on the front: one is to turn on the cooling system, the other is to turn on the LEDs. I went for a cyberpunk feel, I thought it would suit the project best.

What materials did you use for this project?
Actually, most of the materials I used were scraps from broken or trashed objects. If possible, I always choose to reuse and repurpose what most don’t need anymore. I think it makes my projects more eco-friendly and unique. I’ve also used some files and switches I couldn’t help but buy. All the tools I’ve used for this project are easy to grab, and most people will already have something similar in their homes, especially if they like to make stuff.

Whare can I take a closer look at this beauty?

If you want to see more creations by The Last Samnite and try one of his creations for yourself head to his Youtube channel and say hi!

And this is all for today folks

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The UDOO Team

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