The ultimate work from home setup with UDOO

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Ciao UDOOers, and welcome back to another article/video. We’re facing an international pandemic, and our routines have changed drastically. An increasing number of people had to adapt and work from home. We know that it’s difficult to say goodbye to our offices, but we’re here to help. Enjoy your UDOO work from home guide.

 Most of the team is using UDOO BOLT and UDOO X86 II to work from home. In this video, we’ll show how to use UDOO BOLT as your perfect workstation! 

UDOO BOLT, with its powerful AMD Ryzen Embedded v1000, is a powerful and cheaper alternative to tower PCs with similar power, sure to fit anywhere in your home. Everyone can use UDOO BOLT to work! 

UDOO X86 II, it’s a pocket workstation, plus a flexible machine, comparable to most office tower PCs.

Developers need a machine capable of handling heavy programming, and UDOO delivers!

Web designers need a flexible workspace that can work with both Online and Offline programs at the same time. UDOO delivers!

Digital artists need to use extremely demanding visual programs, like after effects and photoshop, oftentimes at the same time. UDOO delivers!

Professionals of all kinds that feel the need for a powerful portable PC to handle their favorite programs. UDOO delivers!

In the video, we show a simple set up that includes all the commodities we’re used to, including two displays. Plus, a demonstration of how the UDOO BOLT and the UDOO X86 handle day by day workload.

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And this is all for today folks

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