How to control your SAM3X remotely via the Viper App

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Dear UDOOers,
have you played with Viper yet? Since there is a lot of fancy stuff you can do thanks to Viper for UDOO!
First of all, do you want to connect remotely to the SAM3X8E on UDOO? Now there’s an app for that, like in the famous commercial. But this time it’s an Android app: iOS and even Windows Phone apps will come later. To make everything work you have to reinstall the Viper Installer for your suite.

Go for Viper to ease your life!

If you are a beginner, or if you just want to have things done, look no further: Viper is made exactly for you. Here is a bunch of cool stuff you easily do by viperizing UDOO and using the Viper App that usually would cost you time:

  • remotely connecting to SAM3X8E, that is the Arduino-compatible microcontroller on UDOO
  • checking on your mobile phone with which GPIO you are interacting while attaching a sensor to the GPIO
  • reading values of a sensor attached to UDOO
  • building an oscilloscope with multi-channel plot with an Android screen and Wi-Fi connection

Basically, the Viper app can give you a graphical output of your Arduino-compatible microcontroller.
If you miss the video and don’t know anything about Viper, this is a good starting point:

Projects you can build with Viper

There are already four Viper projects on Hackster made out of Viper! Have a look:

More information on the latest updates about Viper are on the official project page on Kickstarter.

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