UDOO Bricks: LEGO®-like programmable modules to augment your board

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Dear guys,
LEGO® has been in our life since we were kids, and sometimes we surrender to nostalgia. Wouldn’t it be nice to build and dismantle real buildings on the fly, brick after brick? What we aim to capture with UDOO Bricks is exactly this spirit: take it easy, take it modular.

So you remember the Snap-in Connector we told you about during UDOO Neo’s Kickstarter campaign, do you? As declared, we’re going to reward Kickstarter backers that picked a reward including UDOO with an extra (barometer/altimeter + temperature) sensor and an extra temperature sensor.

Well, these sensors are our first UDOO Bricks.

UDOO Bricks – because the world is built one brick at a time

UDOO Bricks

UDOO Bricks are programmable modules you can use to augment a UDOO Board and make it more versatile.
On UDOO Neo you attach them to the Snap-in Connector into the I2C and they work pretty out-of-the-box. On UDOO Dual and Quad you will need to make a bit of soldering instead to plug them.

In the video you can appreciate the Temperature Sensor measuring temperature and the Barometer Sensor measuring pressure and temperature. As you can see the temperature raises the more you hold the sensor in your hand.

But the coolest aspect of these UDOO Bricks is that they work along a cascade configuration. This way you can attach multiple sensors on the same board without wasting space in a truly intuitive way. This moment we are testing long cables too, and we are also brainstorming on the sensors we could focus on. So we came out with Another Brick in the Board, to let you express and tell us exactly which Brick would you prefer to be in our store, and eventually, create them!

Some ideas

  • Temperature Brick
  • Barometric Brick
  • Bistatic Brick
  • Light Brick (that doesn’t measure Midi-chlorians)
  • Humidity Brick
  • Your Brick —-> EXACTLY!

To give you some ideas we picked a few projects to give you a taste of what you could build by yourself if you have will.

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