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FairWind, 1st at Futuro Remoto with UDOO

FairWind, the Android, cloud-based navigation system for small yachts that we told you about three weeks ago, placed first (!) at Contest Università, XXX edition of Festival della Scienza Futuro Remoto, a famous event held in Naples, Italy, on 7 to 10 October that attracted about 200 thousands people, dedicated to innovation, science and the […]

UDOO at Droidcon Turin (Italy) and other good news from the UDOO world

Dear friends, we’re back after stealth mode with a lot of news from the UDOO world! There are really plenty of them, so let’s cut the chit-chat and go straight to the point. The Interactive Maker’s Guide to Boards, by Make – and UDOO NEO is in! If you are a habitual reader of Make […]

What about FPGA for Makers?

Dear folks, as you can imagine, we try to always stay updated for what concerns improvements and new ideas – this field is worse than the Beautiful soap opera, if you lose an episode you’re screwed 🙂 One thing we are considering is FPGA. Why FPGA? And what the hell is it? FPGA is the […]