The UDOO’s Odyssey in the Maker Universe – and this is just October

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Turns out October is the month of innovation! On October 15 the World’s First India (Mini) Maker Faire (that we proudly sponsored) skyrocketed,

Maker Faire Bangalore
Hackaday Prize
Arduino girl
Maker Faire Bangalore

and just the next day Maker Faire Rome officially started.

A Woodstock for Makers

We had the opportunity to talk with Alessandro Francescon, inventor of Geduino, autonomous open-source UDOO-based social robot.

For the moment it exploits real-time 3D mapping algorithms to move itself in the environment, but Alessandro has lots of ideas to make it an unforgettable friend, such as voice control and a screen already featured on the robot. Imagine to say: “Hey Geduino, come here and show me the schematics of UDOO Quad.” And then it comes, like a genie in a bottle, to help you out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

What else? Here’s a bunch of photos to give you a taste of the energy you feel at Maker Faire Rome.

At Maker Faire Rome we also met the guys of 3DBoss, a startup that won the Eni call for Big Hack and thus is going to fly to MIT with a UDOO-based 3D Printer! Hurrah!

And it’s not the end: on October 23 to 25 the UDOO Team took part in HackUMass, the largest hackathon in Pioneer Valley (more than 500 hackers for a 36 hours hacking marathon).

But we all know you’re on a nail-based diet and only robots can relieve your stress. So if you, as expected, will still be looking for a GPIO to plug yourself into in November, well, we are damned prepared to tackle your addiction-to-innovation!

Here it is Make/Florence, the Make-a-thon dedicated to innovation in craftsmanship that will be held at IED in Florence on 17 to 20 November in collaboration with Boston’s MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

Wanna know more?

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