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UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO NEO: the official version is here

Hi guys, here we are with UDOObuntu 2, the official version. No more RC versions to come. Of course this doesn’t mean that we are gonna stop working on UDOObuntu 2! On the contrary! It just means that we have reached a stable version. Basically what’s changed is that now the Board Manager is supported. […]

An updated, enhanced Web Control Panel for UDOO NEO

Hi guys, how’s life? Hope you are doing well! On our side, we are always working for you 🙂 Today we’re releasing the updated Web Control Panel for UDOO NEO. First of all, type the following commands in the terminal sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade in order to download the updated version of the […]

A Brand New Home For UDOOers

Dear UDOOers, as you may’ve been noticed, things have changed around here: we’re proud to release UDOO’s brand new website. is the home of our beloved project, and it’s the place where we get in touch with you and new ideas continue to spark. We wanted to improve the overall experience and make this […]

Merry Christmas!

Hi UDOOers, we are here to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a joyful Happy New Year! A great year is finishing, another one is yet to come, with many hot news we are sure you will like a lot. So, there’s nothing else to say but ‘Merry Xmas’ to you all and have a […]

UDOO for students, UDOO in the schools

Hi UDOOers, we are here to present you the first case of an “array” of good news regarding UDOO-entanglement with schools, Universities and Phd. Maybe if you follow us on Twitter, Google+ or like us on Facebook you remember we told you about the Excellence Lab inaugurated in India by SECO, our producer, with MS […]