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Shipment delay on pre-ordered UDOOs

To the ones who didn’t receive their pre-ordered UDOOs yet: we’re experiencing a line production problem regarding one of our supplier that didn’t send us the ram modules. We already solved the problem but because of this we’re unable to assemble the remaining 150 UDOOs creating a delay in the pre-orders shipment which will be […]

Pre-order shipping schedule

To all whom have pre-ordered UDOO, first of all, thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm in our board! As you can see, since yesterday the full version of our shop is online and we have done now with pre-orders! Due to the huge amount of pre-orders we got in the last two […]

UDOO shipment progress

Hi guys, We know you’re all pretty excited the get your hands on UDOO, here a shipment update about how it is going: 190 UDOOs Dual have left the factory for the United States, unfortunately we had troubles at customs which delayed deliveries. Don’t worry, the Duals will be on their way to you soon. […]