UDOObuntu 2 BETA 5 for NEO FULL/EXTENDED is here!

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Dear mates,
here we are to announce some good Friday news.


First of all: UDOObuntu 2 Beta 5 for UDOO NEO FULL & EXTENDED is out.
You can obviously find it in the downloads – we tweaked this page a bit, you noticed?
Anyway, what’s new?

  • Bluetooth service starts earlier to avoid possible device attach timeouts. Still some stuff needs to be implemented or improved;
  • UDOObuntu 2 no longer makes you preinstall a lot of rarely used packages (e.g. printer and scanner support), leading to fewer background processes to save CPU and RAM. You can still reinstall such packages from Software Center if you like;
  • if there’s no Internet connection, default system date is 2015-01-01 instead of 1970-01-01. This allows to access captive portals requiring HTTPS;
  • Desktop files permissions fixed;
  • the first boot is faster since SSH keys are regenerated in background;
  • The Web Control Panel‘s been updated;
  • some core packages (e.g. X11, pcmanfm) has been rebuilt to optimize and reduce RAM usage.

Testing and Bug-Tracking

Are you experienced with Linux and GitHub? You love embedded projects and wanna give us some help? We want you. Come share the bugs you spotted on GitHub!

Get Started NEO

We’ve improved the Get-Started-Neo with more videotutorials and made a general cleanup. We hope it’s clearer this way, but we wait for your impressions. Drop us a line in the comments!


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