Shipment delay on pre-ordered UDOOs

To the ones who didn’t receive their pre-ordered UDOOs yet: we’re experiencing a line production problem regarding one of our supplier that didn’t send us the ram modules. We already solved the problem but because of this we’re unable to assemble the remaining 150 UDOOs creating a delay in the pre-orders shipment which will be […]

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for UDOO now Available

Hi everybody, we’re on fire today! We decided to (finally) release the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS images for UDOO Dual and Quad. This version is more reactive than the previous 11.10, has a fully graphic acceleration and a working Arduino IDE. It also comes with the standard Gnome desktop GUI but we left preinstalled the Unity […]

U-Boot 2013 Released!

Hi UDOOers, great news today. As promised a couple of weeks ago, we released the U-Boot 2013 that significantly improves the 2009 version with even the opportunity to boot from NFS as new feature. The guides of “how to boot from NFS and SATA using U-Boot 2013” will be available soon. Here’s the direct link […]