Yes! UDOO is going to be at Embedded World 2020

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The holidays are over, it’s time to start 2020 with a BOOM.  Breaking news! UDOO is going to be at the Embedded World 2020 once again. 

What is the Embedded World?

Every year the Embedded World in Nuremberg is THE event for those in the embedded business, with over 1000 exhibitors from 52 countries, all with new ideas and products to show visitors. So if you’re there, come and say hi! 

Where are we going to be?

Find us at AMD’s booth (Hall 1.360), where one of our secret demos is hosted, and at SECO’s booth (Hall 1.330), with all the boards of the UDOO family, some more secret demos and our team to welcome you. They’re not a secret, you know us.

Want to know more about the Embedded World and what we did in the last few years? Check out our Youtube channel and take a look at our old demos and “Road to the Embedded World”.

What are you going to see?

2019 has been the year of the UDOO BOLT, the first Maker PC powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000. In 2020 we’re going to show you what this tiny powerhouse is capable of, through some mind-blowing demos. We can’t talk about everything yet, but here’s what we can share today

UDOO BOLT Cabinet Demo

The one and only UDOO Bartop Arcade Cabinet comes with an incorporated UDOO BOLT. Want a break from the crowd? Come and play with us, harnessing the incredible power of the UDOO BOLT!

3D Visual Art UDOO BOLT 

It’s a screen with a normal video, but it has a special filter on it, that pushes the power of AMD Ryzen through the roof. Additionally, when someone is in front of the demo’s camera, the person will also have the filter applied to their face. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see. 

UDOO Black/Vision

Yep, it’s a new….something. We’ll show this new mysterious thing off at the Embedded World. We’ll tell you more about it in later posts, so keep in touch ;).

AMD UDOO Collaboration

It’s something that is going to rock the world, but we won’t tell you anything more…right now.

UDOO Cloud Edgehog

We’ll also present a new platform, the UDOO Cloud Edgehog with UDOO Neo, and it’s going to be closely connected with the industrial version of Edgehog. More details are going to be released during our Road to Embedded World.

Wow, that was one long list. But is this it? Nope. We’re going to keep you updated with “Road to the Embedded World 2020”, weekly blog posts we’ll use to share things we just can’t share yet, like collaborations with influencers, more surprises, more new projects releasing. Stay tuned!

Also follow us on our 60 seconds with UDOO BOLT, a new series of videos that tell you everything there is to know about the UDOO BOLT. Check it out here.

Follow us and see what we have in store for the Embedded World 2020! 

Check out the forum, the Italian and international Telegram, our Facebook , Instagram, Reddit and Twitter.

The UDOO Team

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