[Update] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS v2.1

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Folks, we recently updated the Linaro Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. In this version (2.1), the Camera and Displays (7″ & 15″) have been fixed for both UDOO Dual and Quad while the stability for the WXGA (15″) has been improved.

Pure Data has been added as default program and from now on you’ll find it under Programming.

Here the full list of improvements and changes:

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  • Pure Data installed;
  • New default edid for hdmi; Support for fuse, cgroups, cifs, ntfs, ext4; Camera/Touchscreen bugfix for UDOO dual; touchscreen stability and resolution for WXGA fixed (Kernel v.127);
  • Added support for G156XW01V0 1366×768 Panel, Add multiboot command to u-boot to realize multiboot environment (U-Boot v.119).


You can find the new images in our Downloads section.

One last thing: the Kernel binaries and the UDOO Update package are been updated too.


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