UDOObuntu 2 RC1 for UDOO QUAD/DUAL: here it is

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Hi guys,
it’s true: UDOObuntu 2 RC1 for UDOO Quad is here. After the launch of UDOO NEO we focused on its support as you know, but time is to improve UDOObuntu 2 also for UDOO QUAD/DUAL and make it up to date with UDOO NEO.

What’s new

  • one BSP for both UDOO QUAD and UDOO DUAL! That is, from now on you can use the same image both on QUAD and DUAL!
  • gstreamer 1.0 with gstreamer imx plugin;
  • updated Device Tree Editor;
  • Arduino 1.6.5;
  • much stabler and quicker
  • many bug fixed;
  • several modules added to the Kernel, e.g. iptables;

But if you haven’t downloaded the previous Beta, here’s other news you missed:

  • Removed (not so much) useful packages saving RAM;
  • Kernel updated to 3.14.56, Freescale Community;
  • the Device Tree can be configured using Preferences -> Device Tree editor, enabling additional devices (like UARTs, PWMs, 1Wire, etc) over GPIOs pins
  • 1-Wire GPIO master added to kernel (tested against the DS18B20 temperature sensor)
  • Configured the PWMs Linux-side (enable them using Device Tree editor)

Where can I find the distribution?

You can download UDOObuntu 2 RC1 for UDOO QUAD/DUAL on these links:
*Mirror EU: http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_Unico/UDOO_QDL_img/UDOObuntu_qdl_v2.0rc1.zip
*Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/udooboard/files/UDOO_QUAD-DUAL/UDOObuntu_qdl_v2.0rc1.zip/download

and here’s the SHA-1:

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your precious feedback!

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