UDOObuntu 2 Minimal Edition

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Hi there UDOOers,
yesterday, as you already know, UDOObuntu 2 was made available. But we want UDOO to be not just a platform to become a Maker, but also a playground for experienced Makers and terminal-lovers.
That’s why we are publishing also a minimal server version of Linux, “a shell to rule them all”, called UDOObuntu 2 Minimal Edition.
Through this server version you won’t get the graphical interface. You may wonder why not to have a graphical interface. Well, there are a few plus:

-UDOObuntu 2 Minimal Edition is way lighter to download than the standard UDOObuntu 2: 150 MB against 952 MB;
-there are no graphical apps in this version. It’s perfect if you don’t need a home computer – say you want to build an automated greenhouse that communicates with your mobile phone: you can rely on your mobile phone to get data output, since there’s no screen connected to UDOO – and if you go forward on the path to become a Jedi Maker you’ll soon begin to ditch graphical interface and cut out whatever useless process running on your UDOO in order to achieve the thinnest and smoothest configuration.

In a certain sense it’s also a way to make your hands dirty on the terminal and rediscover with new eyes what was like to use a computer in the 80’s. After all, isn’t this one a (physical) computer renaissance?

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