UDOO Student Projects Exhibition at Santa Chiara Lab

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As you may remember, on April 6 the UDOO Team take part to a UDOO Student Project Exhibition held at Santa Chiara Lab. The occasion of the event was provided by Roberto Giorgi, the visionary Professor of Computer Architecture of University of Siena that you can appreciate as a testimonial in the Kickstarter video of UDOO X86 and his students, as well as AXIOM Project Coordinator.
SECO has also been crucial for this event to happen, sponsorizing several dozens of UDOO boards to the Santa Chiara Lab and to the Engineering Department of Siena to foster students and their maker projects. And oh guys, the stuff they’ve built! Infact, the best 5 five teams of Engineering students were invited at Santa Chiara Lab to showcase what they had accomplished. Most of which is already on Hackster – high five to the creators!
Here some pic.

The winner is this project:

Here is some project.

We’d like to thanks in particular Patrizia Marti, Head of the FabLab Santa Chiara Lab, Daniele Conti, cofounder and CEO of SECO and cofounder of UDOO, which attended the event on behalf of SECO and rewarded all the student teams with a UDOO board, and the best team with a UDOO board and a compatible display. Andrea Garulli, Head of the Engineering Department of the University of Siena, as well as Pierangelo Isernia, Head of the Social, Political and Cognitive Science, were also present.
Finally we’d like also to thanks the University of Siena for the ongoing support in this quest toward the Next Big Thing in Computer Architecture. And once more time greetings to Santa Chiara Lab for providing us the location to shoot the Kickstarter video of UDOOX X86

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