UDOO NEO: resources made by the Community

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we are so happy UDOO NEO is getting momentum among you users! There is such a huge amount of resources made by the community that we are moved. So we decided to ease your life and put everything into a single page. For the moment you have to settle for this, but we are going to organize all this stuff and put it into a dedicated page.
But let’s cut the chit-chat and go ahead.

UDOO Library 2.0, by David Smerkous

A library that makes the Linux side act like a shield to the Arduino side (TCP, UDP Server/Client and Storage, Usb and soon to come audio).

Python Library, by David Smerkous

A Python library to control the Gpios, Accel, Gyro, Temp, Baro, Magno sensors/pins easily.

ServoCardboard UDOO, by harlem88_gis aka Antonio Gisondi

Move servo cam on UDOO with Google Cardboard

Linux Driver 3 Interfaces, by tcmichals aka Tim Michals

‎Linux‬ driver that exposes 3 interfaces to user space. Allows user space apps to use epoll for async type of applications.

Wifi STA mode, by tcmichals aka Tim Michals

Java Tools for UDOO NEO, by Cyril BOSSELUT

Java tools for UDOO Neo board are a set of java class allowing access to GPIOs, sensors, serial port, a complete REST service and to an 16×2 LCD wired using GPIOs.
Those tools are published under GPL V2 and source are available for download on Github https://github.com/BOSSoNe0013/NeoJava

Push request are also welcome
Latest release added accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensors support.
It also includes Java‬ client for the ‪#‎REST‬ service, ‪#‎UDOONEO‬ Controller, allowing you to easily managed GPIOs through a network connection

UDOONEOREST, by marksull aka Mark Sullivan

Rest API for interacting with UDOO Neo GPIOs, motion sensors and brick sensors.

Debian Jessie, by Igor Pečovnik

Debian jessie
Board: Kernel 3.14.55 (development version) with some hardware support, headers and some firmware included5

Node JS module for Barometric Sensor by fabdrol aka Fabian Tollenaar

Node.js module for retrieving data from the barometer brick for the UDOO Neo. Gets atmospheric pressure in pascals, temperature in kelvin and altitude in meters.

A program to upload Arduino sketches via UDOOFOTA by klakier2121

UDOO NEO and openocd working, by Tim Michals

Cheers and have a nice weekend guys!

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