Find IP address

We’ll find out how to discover the IP address associated with your UDOO. The IP address is a number that uniquely identifies a device in a network. It will be useful to know which IP your Udoo is assigned to for various reasons: connecting to it remotely, knowing wheter UDOO is booting properly or not and configure it to interact correctly into a given network.
We’ll have various way to find the IP Address, so let’s get started.

First method: use the FING app

Fing is a network scanner app, which will help you to discover every device connected into your network. Simply go to the Android or Ios market, download and launch it. If Udoo is properly connected to the same network your phone is (wheter via Wi-Fi or ethernet), you should see it and discover its IP address.
As you can see, Udoo is identified as: Shenzen Ogemray Technology.

Second method: command line

If your UDOO is connected to a screen, you can simply open a terminal and type:

sudo ifconfig -a

This command will output informations related to both Ethernet and Wi-Fi status, including respective IP addresses.
You can also use this method by accessing Udoo’s console via serial interface. For more informations, see this tutorial


Third method: use your router’s control panel

Just connect to your router’s control panel: open your browser and type the IP address of your router. Usually this is or or
Once you’re prompted with a user and password login box, log in ( if you’ve not changed them, there are good chances they would be: admin as both user and password).
Navigate to the devices list,which can be called also status or manteinance, you should see your Udoo with his IP address.

Here you are. Now that you know your IP address, you can easily access your UDOO


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