DIY NAS with Openmediavault and UDOO – pt. 2 Software Overview

Welcome to the second part of the UDOO NAS project. Today we’re going to discover the software that is going to be the heart of our brand new shiny NAS.
We’re going to use Open Media Vault, an open source NAS solution, made by Volker Thiele. This OS is superb for this purpose: it’s reliable, relatively easy to use and has tons of features, further expanded by community build plugins.
You can grab a specific UDOO’s tailored Open Media Vault here.

The Video will show you how to start from the very beginning, and guide you through some extended functionatilities of Open Media Vault.

After this set up, voilà, your Udoo powered Network Attached Storage is ready to host and serve all your data.

And in next part, we’re going to spice it even more!

If you want to know how to flash your SD card, see this tutorials:

If you need to know how to find UDOO’s ip address, click here and see the tutorial.


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