Creating a bootable Micro SD card with Mac OS X from image

Flash UDOO’s Operating System with Mac OS X

Note: May not work with OSX 10.9 Mavericks

  • Go to
  • Choose the right image for your board (Quad/Dual or NEO), just click on it and it will start download immediately
  • Once download has finished, you’ll have a zip file
  • You can open it with StuffIt Expander or Zipeg, just unzip it and you’ll have an .img file ready to be copied
  • Open a terminal window and type
    df -h

    then leave it alone, we’ll need this later on

  • Insert your SD Card
  • Initialize your SD Card with Disk Utility, selecting “Erase” from the “Erase” tab
    please note: every data on Micro SD card will be lost!
  • Go back to the terminal and type again
    df -h
  • Now you should see your SD Card, take note of the name (e.g. /dev/disk3s1 )
  • Unmount your SD Card using the following command:
    sudo diskutil unmount /dev/disk3s1

    (or the name you obtained above)

  • Start copying your Image file to the SD Card.
    The SD Name will be rdisk[n], same as above but without s1 in the end (e.g. /dev/disk3s1 -> /dev/rdisk3)
    Please double check this step, wrong operations may result in a wiped hard disk!

    sudo dd bs=1m if=[img_file_path] of=/dev/[sd_name]

    (You can also drag&drop the .img file on the terminal instead writing the full path)

  • Wait a long time for the process to finish
  • Unmount the SD Card with
    sudo diskutil eject /dev/rdisk3

    or how your card is named

  • Done! Insert your newly created MicroSD Card in your UDOO and power it up!



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