Creating a bootable Micro SD card using Windows from image

Flash UDOO’s operating system from a Windows PC

  • Go to
  • Choose the right image for your board (Quad/Dual or NEO), just click on it and it will start download immediately
  • Once download has finished, you’ll have a zip file
  • Extract the downloaded zip file and you’ll have a .img image file (do not use the preinstalled archive extractor software, use 7-zip or similar).
  • Download and extract Win32DiskImager
  • Open Win32DiskImager, right-clicking on the file, and select “Run as Administrator” .
  • Insert the MicroSD Card on your computer, you could use an external card reader or the SD slot if your computer has one.
  • Check that the device name correspond to the microSD card, then browse the files and select choose the image file you want to write.
    To be safe, unplug every External USB Drive you may have connected to your PC
  • When ready click on Write and wait for the process to complete
  • Exit from Win32DiskImageWriter and eject the SD card
  • You’re ready to go, plug the microSD card to your UDOO and power it up!

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