Connecting via SSH

SSH is a network communication protocol which can be used for a uber cool functionality: remote shell control.

This basically enables you to remotely operate a device, connected to a network, without direct physical access. If you thought this would be only ultranerd stuff, you might be interested in reading this.

What you need to access your Udoo via a remote shell? First, check that these requirements are satisfied:


  • You are connected to the same network that Udoo is. This can be your home router, with Udoo connected via Ethernet cable and your Laptop trough wireless connection
  • You don’t have firewalls enabled that could block the communication between the two devices
  • Check that the two devices are on the same subnet, if you don’t know what that means, you can just ignore this.


SSH with Windows

Let’s start. On windows, you need a third party software, called putty.

Download it from here

Open it and insert Udoo’s IP. If you don’t know which IP your UDOO has, refer to this previous tutorial. Call it UDOO, save it for your future convenience and hit load
The very first time you are connecting, you’ll get a security pop-up. Be brave and hit yes.

Now, you’ll be prompted with a login box. Just enter user and password and you’re in
On Udoo’s Ubuntu, user and password are both ubuntu

Enjoy your new Matrix-like superpower!

SSH with Mac Os X and Linux

On both these operating system, the procedure is quite the same.
You just need to open a terminal and use the following synthax:

ssh username@Udoo_Ip

Then hit enter, bear in mind that the very first time you are doing this, you’ll be prompted with a securty pop-up. To confirm, type “yes”.
Then type the password and you’re in.

Please note: The username and password you are requested to enter while logging via SSH are not pertaining to your Pc, Mac or Linux, they refer to the account you are trying to access on Udoo.
So, if you never changed it, the credentials you need are:
User: ubuntu
Password: ubuntu
For root access:
User: root
Password: ubuntu


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