Take the leap. The UDOO BOLT is here.

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You need to sit down for this one, and we need a drum roll. 

Are you sitting? Great! You’re ready. But are you? Truly? We’re not sure if you’re ready for this news…here we go! 

The UDOO BOLT is now for sale in our shop!

After an extraordinary campaign featuring the support of over 1400 backers and a total of 635.769$ raised, the UDOO BOLT went from crazy project to a real, insanely powerful SBC in months. And it’s finally available at this link.

The journey has been challenging, true, but taking the road not traveled leads you to incredible places none has ever been. And it feels that with UDOO BOLT we’ve done just that. It’s here, and now you can take the road not traveled and do everything your imagination conceives.

The UDOO BOLT will support you, and make your crazy projects come true.

What now? Don’t worry, this isn’t the grand finale of UDOO. Our minds are filled with more crazy projects that we’ll sure you’re going to enjoy. In the meantime, we felt like our shop needed something extra. So we built and just released the new UDOO shop!

Let’s take a closer look at the shop: https://shop.udoo.org/

We entirely redesigned our shop! We worked hard to make it more user-friendly and close to all the current standards of usability, both desktop, and mobile versions. Take a look and tell us what you think! As soon as you access the website the header will greet you with a slider with the latest news, offers, events, and fairs.

If you prefer to shop from a different area though, feel free to select your preferred area from the menu in the top right corner.

We added a MEGA menu, to navigate the website easily through sections and subsections. We also redesigned the personal area. All the users can access, check orders, add items to the wishlist and more.

Our current main products, the UDOO BOLT, and UDOO X86 II are now much more visible on the homepage allowing the user to select the board and add quickly its most popular accessories (such as cases, power adapters etc).

We also now have a community tab, including direct links to our Forum, blog, and projects.

THE new, big addition is the project section. Need inspiration for your next project? We got you! In the projects section, you will find projects created with the UDOO boards, pictures, videos, the complete description, the tools you’ll need to complete the project and a list of components ready to buy in our shop and a link to the projects themselves. cane

How about your first loves, the UDOO NEO and UDOO QUAD? Find them just below the community section, we added a slider where the user can check all the boards available divided by family. Here you can also find our beloved UDOO NEO and QUAD.

There is still room for improvement, so please email us at info@udoo.org. Should you encounter any issue. Help us give you a better user experience.

We can’t help but feel proud of our achievement, we hope you’ll like the new website better than the old one.

Check out the forum, the Italian and international Telegram, our Facebook , Instagram, Reddit and Twitter.

Explore the new shop, have fun with it and remember. There’s nothing you can’t do!

The UDOO Team

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