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howdy fellas,

today we’re heading to Padua, the picturesque city of north Italy famous for his historical culture like the beautiful Scrovegni Chapel or the Basilica of Saint Anthony, his University which is the world’s fifth-oldest surviving University and one of the most important in italy.

But, as you imagine, we’re not going to Padua to visit it but to attend a very important event: ILLUMINOTRONICA 2017. What is Illuminotronica? From the website:

“Illuminotronica is the unique Italian exhibition able to represent the evolution of the technologies for smart homes and smart cities. In particular, it focuses on the world of building automation, LED lighting and safety.

Illuminotronica is a professional appointment where to meet up with technicians and experts on the world of building automation integration and where to explore and experience it.”


SECO and UDOO will be there hosting by Mouser at stand Pavillion 5 for 3 days: From 12th ’till 14th of October.

The whole event will be in: Fiera di Padova, padiglione 5, ingresso C: Via Carlo Goldoni, 15 – 35131 Padova PD



We’ll be there with 3 different project we developed with our awesome brand new UDOO IoT CLOUD system, a platform that allows to connect your UDOO BOARDS and create the perfect ready to use IoT system.

1- UDOO IOT Playground: that will show the flexibility of the whole system in a house scale model using UDOO BRICKS, UDOO NEO and other external sensors.

2- UDOO IoT CLOUD and Z-Wave devices: how easily will be to connect other sensors to the CLOUD and control your devices (lamps, TV, Radios and more).

3- Our own, made from scratch, LED LAMP (featuring our powerful UDOO X86): a cool lamp controlled with UDOO IoT CLOUD.



The whole event is FREE but you need to register first. Do it from our PAGE and get invited from us! 🙂 Otherwise use the classic from.

We’ll wait you there guys, come meet us!




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