R2EW: Step 1 – UDOO BOLT Cabinet

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The first step into our Embedded World 2020 journey starts here, with an old friend. Many of you will be familiar with the UDOO BOLT Cabinet, something we built some time ago to add some fun to our lunch break add a new Demo to our rooster.

If you’re new in the UDOO family, you might not know the first thing about the cabinet. This article is just for you.

Gaze at our glorious creation

This is a classic UDOO Arcade Cabinet we built with our own hands from the inside out. It was an incredibly enjoyable project that you can replicate in your home! Follow the tutorial here.

It was a great success. Honestly, both in the fair and in the office we kept using it for the longest time, having lots of fun and getting nostalgic about the good old days of childhood. But with the UDOO BOLT coming out we just couldn’t resist the chance of tinkering with it again, and play classic Playstation Games, while we were at it.

So at the Embedded World, come and play with us, using our beloved Arcade Cabinet in a whole new way! Enjoy games from the late ’90s to the early 2010 era seamlessly, take a break from the crowd, and enjoy some UDOO BOLT Cabinet relax.

We started nice and easy, with something we know for sure you will love. But the road to the Embedded World is still long and full of surprises. Keep following us to know more.

And that’s it for today folks.

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The UDOO Team

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