Progress report

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Just a quick progress report to let you know where we’re at now.

Hardware and software

UDOO rev. C will be ready by next week with all the updates involved into the 500k stretch goal:

  • S/PDIF digital audio in & out through pin headers;
  • I2S/AC97/SSI digital audio multiplexer through pin headers;
  • FlexCAN (Flexible Controller Area Network) through pin headers, you will be able to choose if you want to switch this function to the iMX6 or the SAM3X;
  • Second SD card support through pins header: this means you can plug an external controller for a second SD card or an external controller for an eMMC module!
  • On the software side, we are currently working on kernel and drivers optimization, in particular the touchscreen ones.


Our selected beta-testers from all over the world are going to get their hands on the beta release of UDOO, approximately by the end of june. This will boost the final stage of development thanks to their precious feedback.


The UDOO’s forum is 99% ready, a place where to discuss about UDOO and at the same time a tool to help the growing of UDOO’s community.

We set up a wiki on Embedded Linux Wiki that will be the reference for guides, tutorials and all things related to “how to use UDOO”.

The UDOO’s community on Facebook, Twitter and google plus is constantly growing and I invite you to join us: UDOO on FacebookUDOO on TwitterUDOO on G+.

Looking forward to the 600k stretch goal,
the UDOO team!

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