Manage an interactive museum with UDOO

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UDOO is the perfect solution to manage interactive museums. It allows to create cheap and low power multimedia installations without capturing all the space of a classic computer thanks to his small size. With UDOO add sensors and actuators and manage multimedia files is a piece of cake, that’s why it fits perfectly in museum environments full of interactive installations giving visitors a chance to enjoy an augmented museum experience with audio and video.

The following is an example of an interactive museum that will be soon managed with UDOO, the Mezzadria Museum placed in Buonconvento, Siena (Italy).

The Mezzadria Museum has several audio and video stations placed near statues and artworks all of them with UDOO embedded. These stations allow to activate multimedia contents when visitors pass by one of the works. A Linux ad-hoc distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Minimal armhf has been prepared for all the multimedia stations with audio and video contents already on it.

Here you can find the github link to the project:

The images show some early works, a dedicated post about this project will be published asap.

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