Make/Florence: because true Makers never stop

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If you’re not sated after this wonderful October, then we got something for you.
Make/Florence is the natural continuation of Re/Active, a project about education of young people towards the innovation process that encompass all business in the textile, paper, lightning and shoe industries organized by the buddies of Fondazione Tema and MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

Aim of the Make-a-thon is to create a prototype of “Souvenir from Florence“. The winner shall exploit trailblazers technologies in the digital fabrication domain. The event will be inaugurated by a conference with experts and protagonists of innovation in the craftsmanship field about the common horizon between craft, education, technology and work opportunities in Italy.

But you have to register within 1 November to take part in the competition! Five multi-disciplinary teams will be created and will get involved in a 4-days cutthroat challenge!


Each member of the winning team will get

  • one UDOO Board
  • one FabLab Florence card as a member of the FabLab
  • one course module at IED Florence

Whether the prototype would become a product it will be featured and put on sale on Maketank!


Antonio Rizzo, UDOO co-founder and scientific coordinator, as well as Interaction Design guru and Cognitive Science expert, will be a speaker at the event. Other notable speakers are Federico Casalegno, Associate Professor of the Practice and founder and Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Lucio Ferella, FabLab Florence Coordinator, Marco Bani, Head of the Technical Secratariat for the Agency for Digital Italy, and finally Alessandro Colombo, Director of IED Florence.

Sponsors and Partners

We’ve almost forgotten! We are a partner of the event, as well as IED, Stefano Bemer Firenze, Tosco, Il Papiro, Lenzi Egisto, FabLab Florence and Associazione Osservatorio Mestieri dell’Arte.
Sponsors of the events are 3D Italy, Kentstrapper, The FabLab, and Trotec.

For more information about Make/Florence visit the related website.

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