Firmware 1.03 Released

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The firmware engineers have worked hard on developing and testing this latest firmware update. Implementing a fix for the Curie entering a persistent off state in certain OS power down operations, plus adding settings for the optional fan, as requested by members of our community, and there is now a factory default reset procedure that users can follow to re-enable the keyboard and display, if they inadvertently turned them off previously.

Full change log:

– Always force FastBoot (Correct issue of periodic NVS garbage collection in boards without cmos battery)
– TPM timeout decreased
– Batteryless poweron reset
– Added setup options for keeping FAN always on
– Added CEC interrupt support
– Corrected bug “Curie PowerOff when entering in S3 or S5 state”
– IRDA enabling and IRDA Power Management feature can now be enabled separately
– Firmware 0A
* Added CEC management aligned with SECO CEC Framework
* Corrected bug in CEC & IRDA CPU interrupt management
* Correction in CURIE_WAKE management for powering off the board for avoiding unwanted CPU shutdown or suspension
* Smbus management optimization
* Access to EEPROM now managed with size of 1 Byte
* Corrected Bug in Curie PowerOn management after boot (GPIO pin remained in a non-coherent state with configuration selected by BIOS setup)

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