Examples of use of serial libraries for UDOO (C, Java, PHP, Python)

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Hi UDOOers out there,
Christmas is coming, are you excited? We are cooking up some example of library uses in the most adopted languages. All of this will be included in the new UDOObuntu release. To be more specific, we are going to include libraries or operating instructions of C, Java, PHP and Python in the new UDOObuntu release as pre-installed files. This way an Arduino sketch works on 4 different programs, in 4 different languages.

In each folder of these operating systems there is a Read Me file that explains how to compile and execute them. The scripts off this example are meant to demonstrate how to implement a uni/bidirectional communication between an Arduino sketch (running on SAM3X Arduino Compatible processor) and a binary application on iMX6 Linux processor.

Here you can find the tutorial about how-to of these libraries and related examples.

Here you can find the GitHub files of these libraries. Follow the instructions step by step and you’ll be sure everything will be fine.


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