Embedded World: story of a Brave “Neo” World

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Hi UDOOers,

it is hard to write this post because it means to say goodbye to the exciting experience we had at the Embedded World. How beatiful the Embedded World was, o Brave Neo World that has such people in it! If you haven’t ever gone to the Embedded World maybe you imagine it like the Maker Faire, but it’s really something else. For us entering the gargantuan space of the #EW was like for Little Red Riding Hood passing through the forest of the Wolf.

Who is the Wolf? Nobody, yet there were players far bigger than us. There was Intel with a huge blue-and-white booth, like a giant open-space bar for tech savvy business men. There was Microsoft with a huge booth. There were all the biggest in the embedded field, and there was UDOO.
And the fair come out really good. We knew what to expect, thus we planned a totally different stand. A DIY one. The professional construction workers looked us suspiciously when we were tieing by ourselves laminated wooden tables with plastic bands the first day, but with a little bit of hot glue, plexiglass and a pinch of creativity the result we reached has been quite good, isn’t it?

(If you are wondering exactly how we did, stay tuned, we are preparing the project on Hackster soon 🙂 )

UDOOBooth at the Embedded World

But actually, our stand has never been empty 🙂

UDOO Stand at EW

The release of the Neo, February 24th


At 4 o’ clock Freescale announced the i.MX 6SoloX. We were stressed, but excited. This new processor is something new in the Maker space: a heterogeneous processor for single board computers with two cores, ARM Cortex M4 and ARM Cortex A9, embedded in the same chip.

Whatever to say that you already don’t know? That UDOO Neo rocks. Your hands, people, were itching for touching the enfant terrible of the UDOO family. Linux + Android + Arduino, BT 4.0, accelerometer + magnetometer + digitally gyro, Wireless T.I. module, + the possibility to put in standby-listening the M4 while the A9 is working in real-time – all of this at a low cost price!

(More info soon, don’t panic)

The Freescale Cup and the UDOO Car

Freescale Rover

There has always been a chemistry between UDOO and Cars, at least since the UDOOer Oskar Elmgren aka UDOO-IronMan hacked a Mini-Cooper with UDOO. So what’s up? Freescale organizes a global competition of self-driving model cars for University students all around the world: you just have to attend a University, build your own self-driving model car and win the race. Want to enter the game?

BBOne, the RepRap 3d Printer UDOO-based you have to see in action


On Friday we had the pleasure to meet Angelo Malaguarnera and Stephan Berard, two brilliant makers behind BBone, an open hardware 3d printer powered by UDOO Quad you have to see in action to understand how fast it is. We are happy this has been happened the third day, when the students visiting the fair were able to take a look and, why not, inspiration.

If you are interested, in the future we’re releasing a tutorial about it! For the moment, be content to know the software used are Octoprint and Repetier Server, and they run on UDOO Quad, which controls the slicing and the printing itself! You don’t need ALSO a computer: you don’t need need anything else! The shield is RADDS v1.2, which is raps128 (take a look at doku.radds.org).

The machine is based on Radds, a shield realized by Stephan Berard, and on UDOO.

Mario, the Android Robot powered by UDOO


Wednesday has been the day we showed Mario, and as usual, it has managed to catching the focus of people around. The speaking moving robot is always been a wonder, and now we are starting to think at some improvements to do. Have you got any idea to share with the #community?

You, the people

After so much talking, I think you feel like watching some photos, so here it is a whole bunch.
And don’t forget to drop us a comment!

What’s next?

You can’t miss our next post: we’re going to take a look at the Mobile World Congress and our stand, thanks to our Growth Hacker Michelangelo Guarise.
Cheers guys!

let’s keep in touch for the UDOO Neo
We have more to say.
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