We’re at the Embedded World 2018

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Dear Makers,

here we are to announce that, like in the past 4 years, we’re at the Embedded World in Nurenberg, Germany from the 27th of February till the 1st of March. The Embedded World is the leading international event for embedded systems.

The event is HUGE, it has more than 1,000 exhibitors, speakers from 42 countries and approximately 30,000 trade visitors doing business in electronic systems, distributed intelligence, Internet of Things and lots of other embedded solutions fields.

This year, we came here with a renewed booth all made from zero. We had A LOT OF FUN designing and building it and the result is SPECTACULAR.

We made the whole booth painted with chalk paint and we have a wall full of TVs that show the power of our new IOT CLOUD System, which is the most important innovation in the UDOO world. It’s basically a platform that allows to connect your UDOO BOARDS creating the perfect ready to use IoT system.

With the UDOO IOT CLOUD and UDOO BOARDS we prepared more than 10 different demos:

– UDOO LAMP: which is a smart lamp that you can control via our web dashboard as a synthetic actuator. We made 6 different moods you can choose from to customize your Lamp.

– UDOO PLANT: which is basically an irrigation system made with UDOO NEO, UDOO GROVE KIT and APPINVENTOR.

– VENDING MACHINE: it’s a vending machine that can recognize the gender and the age of the customers. It’s made with a FULL HD touch display, a UDOO X86 and a Camera. All the data is shown on our IOT CLOUD Web Dashboard and a custom interface.

– IOT PLAYGROUND: it’s a smart home application that we prototyped with a LEGO SIMPSONS HOUSE, UDOO NEO, GROVE KIT sensors and UDOO BRICKS. It retrieves data from ambient sensors such as a light sensor, temperature sensor, gas sensor and so on.

– INDUSTRIAL MOTOR: it’s a demo that analyzes the vibration of the engine and with a machine learning algorithm, it’s able to recognize if there is an anomaly or if everything’s ok.

– ATM EARLY ATTACK DETECTION: it’s a demo that uses ML algorithm to recognize when an ATM is under attack and then calling the police.

UDOO GUITAR: it’s a guitar enhanced with UDOO X86 that can control and create the guitar effects with different kind of sensors. It’s a pedal board but embedded in the guitar body.

– MULTIBOOT: it’s a simple demostration that UDOO X86 is the most powerful and flexible board ever.

– UDOO NEO WITH ANDROID: It’s a simple porting of the UDOO IOT CLOUD on Android using UDOO NEO and a Touch Display.

– SMART HOME: It’s a prototype of a domotic system containing Z-Wave smart plugs a Z-Wave current clamp and an air quality sensor. All the data is shown with a custom interface.

ARCADE CABINET: it’s a homemade retrogaming cabinet made with UDOO X86 and lots of wood, sensors, buttons and passion. It’s the most loved project ever.

UDOO RADIO: it’s just an old radio BUT we enhanced it with a cool 7” Display and a UDOO X86 with Android installed on it. With this simple device it’s possible to listen music, play videos and games.

AXIOM PROJECT: The project (Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module) aims at researching new software/hardware architectures for CPSs to meet the above expectations. At the fair we have the final platform and a cool UDOO X86 cluster.

Those are just glances of what we’ve prepared. Come meet us @ Nurnberg Messe, hall 4 stand 539 and you’ll see that we’re not kidding.


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