Discover the SECOSBC-A62, the SECO low-cost Board for the industry (that you’ll love to use everywhere)

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Hi UDOOers,

these days are really busy at UDOO Lab, with the organization of our booth at the Embedded World – do you know that we are giving away free invitations? We are also keeping the rabbit warm in the hat – we told you about it also here and here – and cooking up some tasty software improvements.But the sun won’t stop shining on the UDOO community. And as time runs, the future won’t get shady, but brighter! We still remember the very moment we launched, and now here we are, time’s moving fast, it seems like not a single day has passed and, at the same time, a century has. We are proud of UDOO. Proud of what it has become! And from the success of this lively community, we are delighted to announce the SECOSBC-A62.

What’s that? It’s a new Single-Board Computer specifically made for the industry by SECO, the company which designs and produces UDOO.

Just to make everything clear, this is not a UDOO. As you may know, we have several industrial customers, and many of them have asked us for a board conceived for them, thus SECO has made this UDOO spin-off to realize the industrial desire.

But we imagine you are craving the specs, aren’t you? Ok, here they are – but promise to come back, we’ve got more to tell you, ok?
Well then:

As you can see, this board is simply all that you can desire from an industrial model. First of all, it is flexible: it runs both Android and Linux smoothly. Arduino is not on-board: we want to give you just what you need for your industrial project, and a 30-pin configurable expansion connector does the job perfectly and completely.

What we really like about this board:

  • faster processor for the Quad Core version: 1,2 GHz!
  • Optional eMMC disc soldered onboard, up to 4GB
  • CAN interface with CAN BUS transceiver
  • resistance to almost-polar and hotter-than-Saharian temperatures


So, do you want a single core? A dual core? A quad core? How much RAM? As you can see, you are free to choose! Thanks to the faster processor you won’t need to overclock the board to make it faster. It is already fast. The optional eMMC disc soldered onboard up to 4GB will give you the comfort and the stability of mass storage, and not to mention the CAN interface: a huge enhancement for industries. CAN bus is a communication protocol specific for automotive, but as time passes, it has been used more and more in embedded applications, particularly when you need to communicate in an environment with heavy electromagnetic interference. But actually, CAN bus has thousands of applications also outside of the automotive industry! Hospitals, the Networking Industry, Factories, these are just a few of the contexts where CAN bus would bring a real impact. If you’re devoured by curiosity, take a careful look at this to get an idea of the possibilities offered by this versatile protocol. The resistance to tough temperatures allows great flexibility: the Commercial temp configuration works from 0°C (32.000° F) to 70°C (158.00°F); the Industrial one works from as low as -40°C (-40.000°F) to as high as 85°C (185.00°F)! Generally speaking, you can use it everywhere!
And if you want a summary-comparison, SECO did it for you.

Well then, there’s nothing else to say but happy coding with SECOSBC-A62!

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