Digi-Key is the new Global Distributor of UDOO

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Hi UDOOers out there,

we are here to tell you a very exciting news to whoever – actually lots of people on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – is asking about distributors out of Europe and USA.

We reached an agreement with Digi-Key, which is going to become our global distributor for UDOO. If you don’t know Digi-Key, it is an authorized distributor of electronic components for more than 650 industry-leading suppliers and the 4th largest electronic component distributor in North America.

Alessandro Santini, UDOO Business Development Manager, has declared: “Partnering with Digi-Key, with his droves of localized webshops using the local language and currency, allows UDOO to have a real global dimensions reaching makers, educators and engineers all over the world.”

Funded in 1972, Digi-Key offers the widest selection of in-stock electronic components and is committed to provide the best possible service to its customers, aiding engineers from prototype to production. Due to the high quality of the service, the company has been highly ranked in industry surveys year after year in North America, Europe and Asia, in categories like availability of product, speed of service, responsiveness to problems, and more.

What does it mean for a customer? That, in some cases, you could buy one of our Boards in a website written in your language, with the currency used in your own country! Think you are Japanese: you can access the Japanese version of Digi-Key and surf it smoothly, and finally pay with Yen. Or, you’re Chinese, and you like to visit website written in your language and pay with Yuan Renminbi: now you can! Or maybe you come from Australia and you prefer to pay in Australian Dollar. Do you live in New Zealand and want to pay in New Zealand Dollar? Well, no problem! South Korea? Perfect, there’s also a South Korean Digi-Key website, where you can pay with South Korean Won.
If you want to know if you can surf the Digi-Key website in the language of your own country and pay with your national currency, just take at look at this useful digital billboard.
This way there’s no more friction for foreign users.

We hope you appreciate the news.

On our side, we are working to give you the best service we can.



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