Debian 7 armHF for UDOO!

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Hi UDOOers,

we are very proud to announce that 2 new UDOO’s distributions are available to download. We’ve taken your feedbacks and suggestions very seriously that’s why we developed both these Debian OSes to fulfill your needs. Here the main specs:

– Improved system stability and performance
– lightweight system environment based on Debian 7 (Wheezy)
– ArmHF platform: finally full HardFloat support
– Less utilities and packages installed

You can choose the new Operating Systems in 2 different flavours:

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  • 1 Debian minimal with no GUI, just a bash shell and graphic acceleration with full Gstreamer support;
  • 1 Debian complete desktop environment with LXDE and full Gstreamer support plus some preinstalled utilities allowing you to start coding in no time.


Please note that both of these are still Beta releases, so you may find some open issues (e.g. no Arduino IDE installed yet, missing media player and audio over HDMI not working) that we hope to solve with your feedbacks and suggestions.

You can download the image here while the Binaries are available here.


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