And here it comes the new Embedded Linux Education Kit, based on UDOO Neo

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Friends and fellows,
we’re super glad to announce the outcome of a beautiful partnership with ARM University Program and Mouser: the Embedded Linux Education Kit.
This is the ninth and latest Education Kit from ARM University and it’s beautiful to be part of such a great initiative.

The Embedded Linux Education Kit contains 5 UDOO Neo, but its value is not just the hardware it contains. It also comes with a complete courseware on developing embedded Linux products, also including Linux kernel configuration and custom peripheral driver development.

The courseware is the work of Professor Massimo Violante, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, who’s been a teacher of embedded systems design for many years as well as a consultant for several businesses in the field.

“The aim of this Education Kit” says Massimo Violante “is to give students both theoretical knowledge of what embedded Linux is, and practical skills to help them put that theory into practice. For this purpose, besides formal lectures, the courseware includes labs using hardware and software tools which give representative examples of current industrial practices. As embedded Linux is already widespread in a number of applications from automotive to networking and entertainment, and becoming even more pervasive with the diffusion of IoT devices, the Embedded Linux Education Kit will endow students with important industry-relevant skills.”

The courseware is actually huge stuff. Here’s the program:

Embedded Linux Education Kit - Courseware

The Embedded Linux Education Kit, if you’re asking how to get it, is available, together with the teaching materials, free of charge to qualified academics from universities all over the world.

We are not only going to provide technical support, but also we’ve participated with a donation of 200 UDOO NEO so far. Mouser also participated with a hardware donation.

Donation requests should be made to the ARM University Program.



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