Coffee Machine Water Level Detection with UDOO IoT CLOUD

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Hi fellow makers companions, how’s life? Ours here at the UDOO LAB is much better now since we solved a little annoying problem we had with our coffee machine.

When the tank in our Italian coffee maker was running out of water the whole machine jammed forcing us to a very tedious cleaning process to restore the normal behaviour of our coffee device.

And you probably know better than us that Italians without their espresso tend to be a little angry and unproductives.

So we decided do find a smart solution using our brand new UDOO IoT CLOUD system and, to kill two birds with one stone, creating a tutorial out of it.

What we wanted to achieve is to receive a feedback from the Coffee Machine everytime the water level is about to end in order to have time to add some water and avoid the whole long cleaning process. All this using UDOO NEO and UDOO IoT CLOUD, the perfect combination to create the perfect IoT System!

So, long story short, we did it (!!!!) and if you want to follow the very detailed step by step tutorial just go to and enjoy it!

If instead you want to see us in action please take a look at our video guide below.

We all go get a coffee now 😉


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