Announcing our Stretch Goals!

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Hello Everybody!

We are pleased to announce our Stretch Goals on Kickstarter!!

More iMX6’s pins and UDOO Board redesign!
Many of you asked for this so we will partially redesign UDOO board at $500K in order to make more pins of the iMX6 available and add more functions:

S/PDIF digital audio in & out through pin headers;
I2S/AC97/SSI digital audio multiplexer through pin headers;
FlexCAN (Flexible Controller Area Network) through pin headers, you will be able to choose if you want to switch this function to the iMX6 or the SAM3X;
Second SD card support through pins header: this means you can plug an external controller for a second SD card or an external controller for an eMMC module!

USB bluetooth dongle!
As a second stretch goal, we offer an USB bluetooth dongle that will come along with drivers for both Android and Linux. This stretch goal will be unlocked only after we achieve our first stretch goal.

More connectivity, more functions, more fun!

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