Android for UDOO NEO: here’s the updated image, with Arduino interactions

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We’re making progress on UDOO NEO’s M4 to allow Android + Arduino interaction.
Below you can read the release log of the latest changes on Android image of UDOO NEO.
Download the image from here:
Mirror EU:

2016-11-10, v6.0.1 beta2:
– Source code updated to android-6.0.1_r70
– Arduino M4 sketches are loaded at boot time from /data/m4last.fw
– UDOO FOTA Server accepts sketches from Arduino IDE
– Kernel updated to improve the ttyMCC A9/M4 communication
– Added Power Menu to gently shutdown/reboot the board
– Added Minicom application to test the ttyMCC communication
– Security patches updated to October 2016
– Minor bug fixes and improvements

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