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UDOO is a family of Open Source Arduino-powered Mini PC, compatible with Android and Linux, that you can exploit both as embedded systems for DIY-electronics projects and as low power consumption, fanless computers for everyday use.

The product line involves four single board computers – UDOO QUAD/DUAL (2013), UDOO NEO (2015), UDOO X86 (2016), UDOO BOLT (2019) – that differ over various aspects.


UDOO BOLT is a quantum leap compared to current maker boards: a portable, breakthrough supercomputer that goes up to 3.6 GHz thanks to the brand-new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC, a top-notch, multicore CPU with a mobile GPU on par with GTX 950M and an integrated Arduino™-compatible platform, all wrapped into one.
A true next-level mobile supercomputer.

Starts from: USD 332


UDOO X86, is estimated to be the most powerful single board computer worldwide. It’s an Intel-powered x86 Quad Core 64-bit Linux/Windows/Android computer with an Arduino 101-compatible module embedded on the same board. UDOO X86 addresses the needs of the average consumer that is looking for a very good, affordable media player, but also and overall speaks to developers, makers and startups who want to invent today the world of tomorrow.

Starts from: USD 174


UDOO NEO covers a different scenario. Not only is it a Mini PC Android, but also is a very low power consumption Linux computer, enabled with 9-axis motion sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The addition of Arduino UNO compatibility is the cherry on top. All things considered, UDOO NEO shines in drones, rovers or robots-related projects.

Starts from: USD 49.90


UDOO DUAL/QUAD is the perfect Android Mini PC, and at the same time is ideal also for rapid prototyping of ARM-based technology products as well as for Linux projects. It is compatible with most Arduino UNO shields, sensors and actuators. Finally, it can directly run the Arduino IDE. Although quite dated, the board is estimated to be roughly as powerful as Raspberry Pi 3.

Starts from: USD 99

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