Vote for SECO, UDOO’s manufacturer, for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016

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Long story short: SECO, UDOO’s proud manufacturer, has been shortlisted, as part of the AXIOM Project, for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016, an initiative of the European Commission focused on the identification of high potential innovations and key innovators behind them in FP7, CIP and Horizon 2020.
We are very dedicated to the success of this project, with the goal in mind to build something new and tackle real-world problems. So this is our call to action, to ask you to show your support to UDOO: VOTE FOR SECO and help us reach the top of the mountain!


What is the AXIOM Project

Maybe you don’t remember,  but UDOO is involved in a three-year research project funded by the European Commission, called the AXIOM Project. Main purpose of the AXIOM Project is to design, build and manufacture a modular, simple-to-program, high-performance single board computer based on an FPGA architecture to enable the common man with easily achievable hardware acceleration. The founders of UDOO are part of the project, bringing to the table the 37 years of experience of SECO in the embedded tech space and the interaction design approach carried on with the UDOO product line.

Previous news about the AXIOM Project

You’ve probably come across the AXIOM Project on UDOO X86’s Kickstarter campaign, where we mentioned OmpSs for cluster application.
We also recently organized a workshop, entitled Build Your Own Supercomputer With OmpSs, UDOO and Arduino, around OmpSs-empowered UDOO-based clusters at Santa Chiara Lab. Also, we explored the idea of FPGA for makers in this old post on the UDOO’s blog.
And if you had the pleasure to take part in the Embedded World 2016 you had also stumbled upon this demo exhibited at the UDOO booth during the Embedded World 2016.

Finally, you can read more about the AXIOM Project on the dedicated website:

P.S.: and remember to VOTE for SECO!

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