First stretch goal achieved. Now it’s bluetooth time!

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Amazing! We reached this incredible milestone of $500k and UDOO rev. C will be a reality!!

Rev. C will features:

S/PDIF digital audio in & out through pin headers;
I2S/AC97/SSI digital audio multiplexer through pin headers;
FlexCAN (Flexible Controller Area Network) through pin headers, you will be able to choose if you want to switch this function to the iMX6 or the SAM3X;
Second SD card support through pins header: this means you can plug an external controller for a second SD card or an external controller for an eMMC module!


Now it’s time to concentrate on the bluetooth!

We know that 600k it’s a really big challenge with only 6 days to go, but we rely on you and we believe that also this second stretch goal will be achieved!!

Thank you everybody!
UDOO team

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